Design/Build Process

After you have hired our firm to design and build the proposed project, Terra Builders will be responsible for providing project costs and setting up the project design and construction schedules. This form of delivery is usually divided into two separate agreements: one for the Planning + Design Phase and one for the Construction Phase. This gives you the opportunity and flexibility to compare our fees and construction costs during the process.

During the Planning/Design Phase, feasibility budgets will be reviewed and updated accordingly. When 90% of the Planning/Design Phase is complete, we will fully bid the proposed project. Once the bidding process is completed and approved by you, we will act as the General Contractor.

In this type of project structure, our project managers work directly with you from the beginning of construction through to completion. During this process, our design and construction teams fully collaborate and interact on a regular basis, which allows the project to successfully and seamlessly evolve from the Planning/Design Phase to the Construction Phase. If this method of delivery is selected, most of the project function, practicality, and cost responsibility will rest within our firm.

Construction Process

At this stage of the process, the Client (You) will hire an Architect to fashion the plans, scope of work, finish material specifications, and the project schedule. In some cases, the project may be simple enough for some of this work to be performed by you. Once the design portion of the project is at a certain stage, usually 90% complete, the project is ready to be bid on and a General Contractor is hired directly by you. You the client will usually hold separate agreements between the Architect and the General Contractor. The General Contractor will hold agreements with any subcontractors.

In this type of project structure, the duty of the General Contractor is to build what the Architect has planned and designed. The General Contractor has participated minimally during the Planning/Design Phase and most of the project function, practicality, and cost responsibility will rest between the Client and the Architect.